Free setup software for Delphi apps!

Announcing InfGen - a simple, FREE setup utility for Windows 95/98, ideal
for packaging your Delphi apps or component suites into the smallest
possible installation file.

As InfGen utilises Windows INF files, the requirement for additional setup
software is kept to a mininum - in fact the additional setup software takes
up a mere 17 Kb!  To further decrease overheads InfGen also compresses the
final files into a single zip file, reducing the deployment filesize by

InfGen features:
        ? Copy applications, DLL's, help files and more to multiple locations.
        ? Create program groups.
        ? Automatic uninstallation via the Add/Remove Programs dialog.

Employing a wizard-style interface, InfGen makes creating installation
files easy!  InfGen wipes out the need to use big, complex, expensive
installation packages.

You can download InfGen from these sites:
Richard Sutcliffe
Author of Dolphin for Delphi