Any IPX/SPX CHAT program..??

Hi, everybody..?

I've just written a unit used for IPX/SPX, theorically I could
write a chat program (full-duplex), but truly I can't.

I would like to write a chat program used in my company. The idea
  If workstation A want to communicate with workstation B, it will
  first check if workstation B has already logged in. If it does,
  it will send a signal to workstation B to have a chat (full-duplex).
  If it doesn't, it will save the message in a BTrieve file, so next
  time if workstation B logs into the server, the program will first
  check if any new e-mail message available.

What I've done so far is saving the message in a BTrieve database file.
Each time a workstation logs into the server, it will first check for new

I found a problem, after opening a socket (say 0xF0F0) on one workstation.
Then I checked the socket number of that workstation from the other
workstation, but the result is that that workstation doesn't have the
socket number 0xF0F0, instead I got the server socket number that's used
for communication between server and workstation.

For your info, I write all my programs in TP70 and ASM, the server is running
NOVELL NetWare 3.11, and BTrieve is the record manager.

Can anyone help me to solve the problem? or somebody already have a similar

For your helps or suggestions, thanks in advanced.