ASTA-Thin Client List Server- Internet Enable your Database Application

ASTA ( has a very active egroup and we have decided to open
it up to anyone who wants to see how easy it is to Internet enable your
Delphi Database Application.

Just send an email to  to subscribe. You can
read a digest, read it on the web or receive it as email. You can manage
your account at

We have some very exciting annoucements coming soon.

ASTA allows Delph and C++ Builder developers to deploy thin client exe's
that require NO setup or DLL's of any kind. ASTA uses tcp/ip and NO COM.

ASTA Application Servers are available for the following Delphi Components:

Available ASTA Servers using
1. BDE
2. OdbcExpress
3. Interbase Objects
4. Odbc98
5. Adonis
7. Direct Oracle Access
8. IB Express (D5)
9. ADO (D5)
10. Diamond Access
11. SQL Direct (ms sqlserver,oracle,informix,odbc,
12. MySQL
13. NativeDB (native SQL Anywhere)
14. AstabareBonesServer (lean server example)
15. Advantage Database Engine
16. SQLQuery (TheComponentStore-under development)

Steve Garland
Code it once with ASTA and run it anywhere.
Single User, Network, WAN and Internet
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