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Oracle8i+BDE5.10 - With Datapump ...

If i create a table via SQL explorer or via Sql +, i can read it with sql +
BUT ... If i import tables and datas with Datapump, tables are lisible in
SQL explorer
but not visible with sql+:
 - If i rename tables in SQL explorer with upper case letters, then we can
view it via sql+ and
SQL Explorer

Why ?
PS : I think that the LANGDRIVERS is important ...

Thanks 4 all.



Re:Oracle8i+BDE5.10 - With Datapump ...

I _think_ what is happening is that Sql explorer is placing quote marks
around the table and field names when it creates the tables.  Oracle by
default uses upper case  for table names and field names, but you must
be typing them in in lower case, so Oracle creates them in lower case
because they are enclosed in quotes.  Then, to see them in SQL + you
have to put quotes around them.  Be sure to use only upper case when you
create the tables.


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