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Use of Batchmove for Text file to Paradox Table

I need a little explanation of a few things regarding the use of the
TBatchMove component to transfer delimited/separated text file data to a
Paradox table.  

I have read all the help files assiciated with the component, and also
BDE help.  I am unclear about a few small details.  I have created a
Schema file, and a sample text file based on BDE help.  I have created a
sample app with a table, a datasource, and a BD grid for the destination
table, and a TBatchnmove component.  

My question is, how do I tell the component to use the text file and
schema, and to create a new DB table based upon them.  I see no source
options other than a table, etc.  If possible, maybe someone familiar
with the procedure could send me (or post) a simple "1,2,3" order of
operation for the way to transfer text files to paradox tables, I would
appreciate it.  The tables in question are fixed, and un-indexed,
paradox 5 for windows.

Tommy Gray  CBRE CBTE


Re:Use of Batchmove for Text file to Paradox Table

You tell BatchMove to use a particulate source file by setting its Source
property to a TTable that points to that file.  Enter the name of your text
file in the TableName property and set the TableType property to ttASCII.
The BDE will find the schema file since it has the same name as the ASCII
file. To create a new table set the BatchMove component's Mode property to


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