Multi-user apps & Win-95


This topic has been posted several times and many suggestions
have come up.

Until now I still haven't found any solution to make my
refreshing of open tables to work. What I have done is to make
a small application with both an editor and a monitor part for
tables. What I want to do is to edit a table on one machine and
get the updates on another machine.

These are the things I have tried:
     - BDECFG set LOCAL SHARE=True.
     - Used direct call DbiForceReread(table.handle)to BDE
     - Used direct call DbiCheckRefrech to BDE
     - Used direct call DbiSaveChanges to BDE

The closest I got for refreshing of the tables is if I use the
Findkey method on one machine after posting on another machine.

I think that this problem has something to do with Windows 95 and
its way of caching/sharing things.

If anyone have any opinions or solutions to my problem please feel
free to reply!

Kai-Even Nilssen, student at University of Tromsoe
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