I'm desperate has anyone have (or preferrably had) the same

I've got a paradox database with some tables. The first is a
mastersource. The second is a table that uses this mastersource with
an extra filter. The third is using the second one as a mastersource
and has also got an extra filter.

What happens now is this:
In the datamodule are all of these tables closed (non-active). As soon
as the mainform (dynamically) creates this datamodule, the datamodule
itself will open all existing tables in itself.

The error that it will generate is as follows:
EDBEngineError 'At beginning of table' as soon as i try to open up the
middle table. In designer mode it all seems well.

More info: I've got memoblobs in all three tables and i have BDE 3.5
(downloaded from borland) that was supposed to fix some memoblob
error. Unfortenetely it doesn't solve my problem.

Anyone got a clue?
L8r. MW.