Telnet Application and Indy


I'm a Delphi newbie trying to learn simple Telnet negotiations in order
to create an application for users to connect to a Linux server on a
specific port, enter their login details, and basically chat with each
other... In short, a MUD client. I'm using Delphi 6 Personal, and
Indy 9.0.1

Using the sample provided at as a base application, it
seems to work well when connecting to the test server at
3232, yet when I attempt to connect from my Windows machine
to my Linux machine, it refuses to connect. I recieve an exception
telling me EldReadTimeout with message "Read Timeout". The Linux
box is running, and the server application (written in C) is listening
for the socket. I can connect to it with the standard Windows Telnet

What might I be missing here? I'm fairly sure it's going to be right
in front of my nose, but so far, I'm stumped.

Thanks for any help.