MMSYSTEM264 failure using MPEG video files

I have a very intensive multimedia application that utilizes bitmap, wave
and MPEG files. The program plays 3 MPEG files in a row that totals 12
seconds. The program then loops back and plays the videos again.

After 30-40 minutes of continuos play the application crashes with the
message :-

'MMSYSTEM264 - There is not enough memory available for this. Quit one or
more programs and then try again'

I have spent may days trying different techniques to try and fixes this
problem. I seem to have exhausted all avenues.

The machine I am running it on is a 233mhz MMX Pentium II with 32Mb Ram and
a 3D Video card with 4Mb Ram. As you can see this is a powerful machine
that should be capable of running the program.

This is a very urgent problem for me so if anyone has any answers please
email me at

Thanks, Mike Why...