Oracle 8i CLOB fields and Delphi 4

Hi everyone!

I've a big problem. I'm developing an application that uses CLOB fields
(Oracle 8i) with Delphi 4.

My problem is what I want to insert files up to 4K into CLOB it respond
me with this message error:

"ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column."

The code I used is:

          Query.SQL.Add('INSERT INTO Noticia');
          Query.SQL.Add('          ( Codi');
          Query.SQL.Add('          , Titulo');
          Query.SQL.Add('          , Texte )');
          Query.SQL.Add('   VALUES ( ' + ECodigo.Text);
          Query.SQL.Add('          , ' + QuotedStr(ETitulo.Text));
          Query.SQL.Add('          , :Texte )');
        Query.Params[0].LoadFromFile(FArchivo, ftMemo);

I also proved changing ftMemo for ftBlob, and the result is the same.

Can anyone help me??
Thanks very much