Can Oracle CLOB fields be used with D4?

I want to change then layout of a Orace 8 table from LONG-datatype to
CLOB datatype for storing long text strings.

But: when trying to insert data (by a TQuery like "insert into mytable
(myDoctext) values(:t_doctext)" and then
myQuery.ParamByName(t_doctext).asString := myString)
I get an Oracle error ORA-01461 telling me, not to put an LONG-value
into an non-Long-field. This workes if I use LONG as field datatype,
show the error with CLOB.

I thought, CLOB and LONG are rather compatibe datatypes and the D4 help
shows no indication how to handle it (the help on datatype conversion
doesn't know the *LOB-datatypes of ORACLE 8)

My environment: D4.02 C/S, BDE 5.01, Oracle 8.0.4 and 8.1.5