DateTime Field Default Value .

Hello ....

First , I got it from the HELP!!!!!!!!
The VCHKDesc structure provides information about validity checking
constraints on a field (Paradox, dBASE, and SQL tables only), using the
following fields (bRequired is the only option supported by the SQL):

Field    Type    Description

iFldNum  UINT16 Specifies the field number (1 to n).
bRequired  BOOL Specifies whether or not the  field is required: TRUE,
bHasMinVal  BOOL Has minimum value: TRUE, FALSE, or TODAYVAL.
bHasMaxVal  BOOL Has maximum value: TRUE, FALSE, or TODAYVAL.
bHasDefVal  BOOL Has default value: TRUE, FALSE, or TODAYVAL.
aMinVal  DBIVCHK Specifies the minimum value.
aMaxVal  DBIVCHK Specifies the maximum value.
aDefVal  DBIVCHK Specifies the default value.
szPict  DBIPICT Specifies the picture string.
elkupType  LKUPType Specifies the lookup type. (Only for Paradox)
szLkupTblName  DBIPATH Specifies the lookup table name; for information

I'm trying to create ValCheck for a DateField , and a TimeField.
But I didn't find any ways to put TODAY or NOW in aDefVal .
I did but Database Desktop convert it into a Date like 1998/07/23 .

This line make me crazy , I think it's the answer to my problem ...
bHasDefVal  BOOL Has default value: TRUE, FALSE, or TODAYVAL.

But how is it possible to set bHasDefVal to TODAYVAL , a BOOL accept
only True or False ..

If someone knows how to create Default value for DateField and TimeField
in Paradox ... I really need help!!