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Vesa.bgi and mouse

I am trying to get VESA mode ( $0102, $0104) in BP7 using
vesa.bgi, but after switch over graphics mode I can't see
mouse pointer and max virtual coordinates are 2047,2047.
I try it on CL GD 5428 and on Matrox MGA Millenium,
with Microsoft driver version 9.00. When I use egavga.bgi
- conditional compilation directives with the same source text
- it seems to be OK.
If anyone can help me,I would very much appreciate it.
Artur Miktus


Re:Vesa.bgi and mouse

Re:Vesa.bgi and mouse


Can someone recommend a nice, fairly simple to use mouse unit in graphics
mode (for TP7). It doesn't have to be fancy.  

A prof challenged me to write a simple tic-tac-toe game, and i suddenly
need a mouse. (i'm just starting to learn graphics)

Ray DeJean

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