Null Oracle date value causes DBGrid to fail

I ran a simple query "select * from mytable" from Oracle 8i using the
TQuery component.  It works just fine.  The problem comes into play when
I display the result set into a TDBGrid.  I have about 10 fields in
"mytable".  The last field is the date field and it is NULL.  I can see
the result in the grid just fine at this point.  I compiled, ran the
program and scrolled the grid until I can see the last field (which is
the date field).  Just before I can see the date field the program gave
me an "out of bound" error.

How do I solve this problem?  I don't want to use the function NVL
because I want this to be generic enough so that I can show result sets
from any table.

Any help is greatly appreciated.