Fw: TeeTree Pro ActiveX


as an interim solution we decided to create an ActiveForm ocx with a TeeTree
in it. Do you have any technical comments on this (is it supposed to work?,
any known limitations?).


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From: Gemma <ge...@teemach.com>
To: Serhii Sokolenko <Serhii.Sokole...@metex.com>
Date: Thursday, February 11, 1999 5:59 AM
Subject: Re: TeeTree Pro ActiveX

>Dear Serhii,

>At present, teeTree is only available for VCL version.
>We plan to have teeTree for Active X environments before the summer.

>Thank You,

>Sorry for any inconvenience

>Regards ,
>Gemma Gibert
>teeMach SL

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>From: Serhii Sokolenko <Serhii.Sokole...@metex.com>
>To: sa...@teemach.com <sa...@teemach.com>
>Date: mircoles 10 de febrero de 1999 23:00
>Subject: TeeTree Pro ActiveX


>>is it possible to obtain the ActiveX version of TeeTree 1 ?. We are
>>registered customers (ID: XXXXXXX)  of yours and need the ocx for
>>integration in VB.

>>Serhii Sokolenko