Multiple databases w/QuickReports

Hello all

After spending 95% of the last 2 years doing Win32 API programming for
'95 work has decided to place me on Paradox Duty. Basically I am doing
the database and reporting work that other people here (currently on
holiday) are specialists at, and I don't have any idea about the
following problem:

I have a members/membership database app covering 11 databases. One of
them is the actual list of members, their names and ID numbers whilst
another is a stock/inventory database. I need to generate a report
whereby everyone in the first database is listed in the report, ie their
name, address etc., and if they have purchased anything  (they will be
listed in the stock database) I need to display what they have

The problem I am having is this: I have an SQL statement ("where
members.memberid = stock.memberid") but this returns only those members
that have actually bought something - if a member is not listed in the
stock database then they do not show up in the SQL result and as a
result they do not show up in the report. Is it possible that as each
record in the members database is passed I can update the information on
stock purchases part of the report instantly, regardless of whether or
not that member has bought anything and is listed?

Both databases are Paradox tables and each member has a unique number. I
am currently using individual "Grouped Bands" for the member information
and stock purchase information. I tried using "OnNeedData" but the event
was never generated...

Thank in advance

Ashley Godfrey.