SOLUTION for License problem MS ICP!

Dear fellow Delphi programmers:

Many of you have experienced problems with the installation of the Microsoft
Internet Control Pack.

As some people have suggested, the problems are indeed related to the file
'LICENSES.REG'; however, there is an _extra_ catch:

I was told by someone at Microsoft that you need REGEDIT version 4 for the
license file to be merged correctly; version 3 won't do it!

Microsoft will post (or perhaps has already posted) an updated version of the
license file that will solve the problem; so check their site if you still
have problems...

I am currently finishing an article on using the controls in Delphi; I hope
it will appear in the June issue of Delphi Developer.

Hoping this information is useful to you,

Marcel Feenstra (Tuck '96)