FREE Bathing Suit Beauties Screensaver setup.exe (1/1)

We have created this screensaver to test an Internet access "hot key".

By pressing the F2 key while the screensaver is running, your dialer and
web browser will automatically start.  This program is in development
phase and we are looking for beta testers to help us analyze the
functionality of our code.  We are offering this Girls of the Internet
Screensaver Free for this reason.

The screensaver engine itself has been installed on more than 500,000
systems worldwide, and we are testing only the Internet access portion
of our code.  Please feel free to give us any suggestions regarding ease
of use, setup procedures, install procedures from the website you get to
when you press the F2 key.  

We are also trying to write scripts for the different Internet access
dialers. If you could please help us with information about your dialer
such as the dialer and .exe file names which starts your dialer we would
be grateful.

We also have a registration feature which we are also testing.  If you
fill out this information we will send you a FREE P-51 Mustang
Screensaver.  The Web site you go to when you press the F2 key also has
a great search engine built into it!

Download the screensaver here.

Please Help    ...    Thanks