A question about freeing VB Com Objects

I'm trying to use a VB COM Object (no GUI at all) and am having a small bit
of difficulty.  One of the objects is a VB collection object that gets
dynamically populated after a method call.  This particular COM object has
no intrinsic Destroy method.  I successfully import the COM object using
Delphi's Import Type Library function.

Now the problem, if I use this particular method that populates this
collection, upon closing the app, I get a major fault error.  If I do not
use this particular method, I do not get the fault error.  My guess is
because the collection still resides in memory or isn't being cleaned up

How do I ge rid of this fault error?  How do I clean up the memory used by
this collectin?  I am new to Delphi, so I'm unsure what to include here so
please ask for whatever information is necessary.  I'd include the generated
_TLB.pas file, but it's over 13,500 lines...

I'd appreciate any help at all!!!