wide strings ans wide char

Could you expalin a bit more about what you want to do.

'Dropping' wide strings into a Hash Table ?

Bufferstandard and buffer extended ???

Assuming that you want to make a Hash Table containing WideStrings,
then basically all you do is make an array of WideStrings - or
preferably an array of a Type, containing a WideString, an 'overflow
pointer' and optionally a 'used flag'.

You make the array a bit larger than the number of items to allow for
collision - call this N, then when adding you 'divide' the String by
the number N and keep its remainder - modulus. The modulus is the
'slot' for the string.

' AppendWideChar, AppendWidestring, get Widestring length '

are all pretty irrelevant - Delphi's string handling and array
handling are excellent.

If this is what you are up to then the only 'tricky' bit is dividing a
string by a number.

Personally I have always considered Hashing an overcomplicated way of
doing things - just keeping a Sorted Array of strings strikes me as
much more intuitive.

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001 10:45:24 GMT, "El Toine" <t.vanv...@pandora.be>

>I would like to write a program where I can drop Wide char and wide strings
>into a hash table. I know it is possible but I am not sure how to develop
>it. Please help. I know that is should use a pointer and a procedure
>AppendWideChar, AppendWidestring, get Widestring length and two kind of
>buffers: Bufferstandard and buffer extended. The buffer extended is used
>when the string is larger than the bufferstandard (ex: buffstd=1024,


>El Toine