Q: QuickReports 2.0i - Event driven report problems

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October 21, 1997

I am having trouble producing a report using
QucikReport 2.0i in Delphi 3.

My report has PageHeader, Title, Group,
Detail, and PageFooter bands.

I am not using a DataSet with the report.
I will be pulling the report information
from various arrays.

My title band is 9.5 inches in height. I have
to set the heigh at run time, otherwise all
of the bands don't fit on the screen at
design time.

I want the first page of the report to
contain only a Title and PageFooter.

The second page should have PageHeader,
Group, and Detail bands.

I am using the BeforePrint, OnNeedData,
AfterPrint, and OnPrint events when
generating the report.

I have set the FirstPageHeader property to false,
which works.

To produce the first page I call the NewPage
method in the AfterPrint event of the Title
band. This generates a page with my title and
page footer.

I then scan through my data arrays in the
OnNeedData event and assign data in various
OnPrint events of the TQRLables on the
report. When stepping through the code in
the de{*word*81} in appears that the second
page of the report should be generated. But
only a blank sheet of paper prints.

I also can't get the TQRGroup to work properly.
I don't understand how to correctly set the
expression property when a DataSet is not
used. I get one group band at the begining
of the report, but I am unable to trigger
any other group bands.

Shawn Baldwin