Trapping hot key presses using TOutline control

I am having a problem with a TOutline control and trapping key
presses.  Here is the problem.  I have a form, on the form I have an
outline control with a single item in it.  I also have a button with a
hot key of "C".  

I have defined the OnKeyDown event for the outline control and placed
a message in it which will display on the screen.  If I press any key
but "C" (which is the hot key) I get into the OnKeyDown and everything
works as I expect.  If I press the C key, I never get to the OnKeyDown
event.  The button OnClick event fires instead.  

Has anyone had a problem like this?  Can anyone give me any ideas.  I
have tried trappping messages to no avail.  If you have had success
please send source code.  In case my E-mail address does not come
throught (I have been having problems) here it is: Pin...@PSS.IIX.Com.