Need Pascal to Delphi or C++ or Pascal 32-bit conversion

Forgive me if I don't use the correct names and/or terms WRT
to some of this stuff.  I haven't touched Pascal or Borland
products in years.

The company I work for has a program written for Borland
Pascal 7.0 AND it uses their Object Windows class libraries
(and therein lies our problem).

Our problem in a nutshell is that we've run into a wall WRT
to memory in a 16-bit world.  We need to get this stuff into
a 32-bit world as quickly and painlessly as possible to allow
us to continue to maintain it while we rewrite the C++ version.
Does anyone have any suggestions for us?

I wouldn't imagine that finding a 32-bit compiler for Pascal
wouldn't be terribly difficult, but the fact that they used
Object Windows complicates matters.  I also have to figure
that we're not the first company to run into this so I thought
that this would be a good place to ask.  What have other
companies done short of an all out rewrite (which will
eventually happen, just not immediately)?

BTW, we investigated using Delphi, but I was told that Delphi
(their 32-bit Pascal compiler?) doesn't support Object Windows?!
Is this true?  And if so what sort of migration path did
Borland provide for its customers who use BP to get to Delphi?
Or am I confused in assuming that Delphi is the 32-bit
Pascal compiler from Borland?  This is only sort of related
and is mostly for my curiousity but either way it baffles me.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!

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