PS/2 mouse port

now now - don't let that european pride thing go to far now - I don't
want to have another family member catching the clap fighting in ole
fortress europa. When Europe inplodes this next time it'll be all on TV

Did you buy your 750Mhz dos machine in euros'?

Nothing wrong with the dutch as I say St Timo d'salami is a tulip

Santing, Peter wrote:

> I normally do not respond this nonsense, but you are now hurting my
> "European Proud".

> well.. the most European's I know owns a 750 Mhz or higher! well.. those
> ain't 386s and especially no 286s.
> don't think because you are better because you live in the States.

> although Pascal does not need to be for people that have a 286/386 because
> there are some people who wants
> to learn the basics of programming. because of that they use Pascal. there
> is nothing wrong with that.

> I also started with (Borland) Pascal (16-bits), now I use FPC (freepascal)
> or GCC (GNU C Compiler) to program.
> AND I AM A EUROPEAN. (Dutch to be exact). and one more thing.. the Internet
> is a free resource that anyone may use.
> but on some places there are respective rules for anyone to follow (they
> have to be glad that they even MAY use the facilities).

> some people asks questions, the others will answer, or some people like Pedt
> & Timo will redirect you to a FAQ (which certainly
> will contain your question). the most people are happy with these answers.
> but there are {*word*67}'S who are TO lazy to read a FAQ
> and starting a FLAME WAR (yes... you are one of them)..

> Well, i am going to end this post as I do want to waste all of my time with
> these inmature people who has nothing better to do that
> flaming other (and behaving) people.

> Peter Out!

> one <> schreef in berichtnieuws
> > global - you say - I think you mean just anti-american?? cause we quit
> > using borland pascal a long time ago here in the States - I think it is
> > just a European thing that pascal is so popular because you guys are
> > finally upgrading from your 286s to 386s right??

> > Charles Dye wrote:

> > > one <> wrote:

> > > >Pedt and Timo

> > > >How dare you think you are the self appointed net nazi leaders here.
> > > >How dare you think you have any positions here to act like you do.

> > > >The net nazi's in this newsgroup - Timo Salami, Dr John Stockton,
> > > >Ing Franz Glaser, Pedt Scragg are all absolute losers - spending day
> > > >and night making believe they have importance beyond their pathetic
> > > >little {*word*104}squat here.

> > > Funny how *all* the folks with far more Internet experience than you
> > > seem to agree that you're in the wrong.  Perhaps it's a global
> > > {*word*97}.

> > >