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Dear Friend,

We all know E-mail is here to stay.  It's fun, easy and exciting! Would you be
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This is not a  joke. You may have seen many people trying to tell you that you
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go for it and then you get nothing but frustration and disappointment! We
are here to take your frustration and disappointment into an Electrifying

We have been marketing on-line for almost 2 years now! We have never spent
one red penny on advertising and made nothing but profits. We can show you
how to make money every day of the year. Many people may think this is untrue
or it just can't be done. We are here to tell you that it is absolutely not true. The
biggest mistake people make about marketing on-line is that they sit and wait
for people to contact them.  You will never make it if this is your approach and
we'll tell you why. There are over 60 MILLION people on-line right now, and
seven new people logging on every minute of the day world-wide and everyone
is offering something. So how do you get a potential client or a new customer
before your competition does? The answer is simply " Creative E-mailing" and
it WORKS! I'll tell you why.  You're taking your product, service or idea directly
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Internet Communications, my wife and I owe you so much.  We ordered your
Creative E-mail System and within the first week we received over $1,150 in
orders for my Internet Consulting business!
                                        --Charles -- California

I have bought two so-called E-mail programs that cost me over $600.00 when
I received them.  They were extremely difficult to operate and it took me about
two weeks to figure them out.  Once I did, they were so time consuming it just
wasn't worth my time. When I received your course it took me about four
minutes to install and I was in business! Within the first 24 hours of my first
E-mailing I received over $580.00 in sales over the phone.  That first week I
grossed over $2,000.00!  I really can't believe how easy you made this,
anyone can do it! Thanks!
                                       --Dennis -- Illinios

Hello, I'm a divorced mother of two children. I wanted to thank you for helping
me out. This was my first time buying anything on the Internet. I was skeptical
at first but I figured I'd take a chance. This was the best chance I've ever took!
My part-time business is now a full-time home-business, thanks to your
Creative E-mail System. I had to hire my two family members to help me out!
This is GREAT, thanks so much! I'd recommend this for anyone!
                                       --Ellen -- Florida

You may have seen other people offering products "E-mail Programs, E-mail
Addresses, Extractors, Etc." The vast majority of these products are very
over-priced and very difficult to even use. None of them even supply you
with current, up-to-date, FRESH & RESPONSIVE E-mail addresses! Our
Creative E-mail System puts everything into one package to make your
profits soar immediately! Even if you do not have a product or service to offer,
we are going to give you over 500 how-to reports that you will have full reprint
rights to! What makes our course different from anything else being offered
anywhere is that we're dedicated to your success! We do not succeed unless
you succeed! All of our E-mail Address Databases are created in house. We
do not trade our databases with anyone because people are selling extremely
bad lists on the Internet. Many of other people's databases are filled with
duplicate addresses and many of them are undeliverable. We keep our own
database so we know exactly what we have and we keep nothing but the best.
There's no other way. We believe in producing high quality products that
should be priced reasonably for your success! Read on to see the special
bonuses you will receive.

                   ******** SPECIAL 10 DAY BONUS ********

If you order within the next 10 days we will include:

1) 500 How-To Reports   ( You may resell these at any price )

2) Your Personal Complete Guide To The Internet -- This 175 page e-book covers
every single aspect of the internet. You will never have to buy another internet
book! When you complete this book, you will know more about the internet
than 90% of the people online right now.

3) When you purchase our 8 MILLION SUPER responsive E-mail list we will
include Mega-Mailer.  It sends 250,000 E-mails per hour! All other orders will
receive Pegasus Mail.  It mails about 30,000 per hour.

Here's how to get the Creative E-Mail System:

All orders are delivered on CD-ROM or 100mb Zip Disk ( Iomega ).

               ============> E-Mail Databases <================

                2 Million FRESH E-mail Addresses only $ 99.95
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                6 Million FRESH E-mail Addresses only $249.95
                8 Million FRESH E-mail Addresses only $299.95

You will be sending your Marketing Letter to 2, 4, 6 or 8 MILLION People!  To
mail to 2 MILLION People by U.S. Mail at $.32 per stamp would cost
$640,000.00, not including envelopes or paper! The price of 2 MILLION E-mail
Addresses isn't even a fraction of the cost. And the great thing is that if you
have 10 products, you can E-mail to your list as many times as you want to!
Your profits will never stop soaring! Don't pay someone else to send your
adverti{*word*224}t out, do it yourself and save big money! The average cost right
now to send your ad one time to ONE MILLION people is $1,400.00. You can
send it 100 times to EIGHT MILLION people for only $299.95 and that
includes Mega-Mailer that sends 250,000 per hour!

               ===============> Order Form <===============

Yes, Internet Communications Inc., I wish to take you up on your SPECIAL
THE TWO SPECIAL BONUSES: "Complete Internet Guide Book" and "500
How-To-Reports".  I understand I have to completely fill out the order form
so you can fulfill my order.





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E-mail Address:_______________________________

Phone Number:_______________________________

I wish to pay by:      ( Check One )

Check:____ Money Order:_____

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*Remember the 8 MILLION Includes Mega-Mailer!

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Pegasus Mail  ( WIN 3.1 )  ( WIN 95 )  ( MAC )  (Circle One )


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