Using Spread 2.5 OCX with Delphi 2.0

Farpoint technologies have a spreadsheet OCX component called
Spread 2.5 ( I've just
downloaded a trial-version and it looks interesting.

What we have been looking for and not found in other products
(such as Formula One that comes with D2) is the ability to
add custom functions to the ones supplied with the OCX. This
means that I would be able to define 'BINARY' as a new function.
Then whenever the spreadsheet parser finds my user-defined
function it calls an event for me to evaluate the expression.

It seems that this functionlity is supported by the Spread 2.5
OCX in that it has method calls AddCustomFunction and
AddCustomFunctionEx and event CustomFunction. This is exactly
what we are looking for.

Is there anyone that has experience in using this component
with Delphi 2.0? Did you have any problems with it? Could
you simply install the OCX and use the automatically generated
VCL wrapper component, or did you have to add things manually?

Hallvard Vassbotn