Needed Delphi Tutor

I just started programming using Delphi 1.0 and I was looking for
someone to correspond with via email who would be willing to answer
some questions and help me a long.

I would normally post questions in the newsgroup but a lot of times
they go unanswered.  Probably because the question wasn't very
interesting.  A lot of times I'm unable to jump into the newsgroup so
email is the most efficient way for me to communicate.

Just so you know who your dealing with here is some background

Occupation:  U.S. Army 14 years

Programming Goals:  I want to create programs for use at work.  Mainly
database applications and some utility programs.  I'd also like to do
some interactive training programs.  And of course games, mainly in
the strategy/military category.

Programming Experience:  I started to learn C but gave up on it for
something more interesting like Delphi.  Actually I was doing pretty
good until  pointers.  After that it was down hill.  So far I like
what I've heard and seen of Delphi.  I've started a small project, but
still have lots of questions.

Hope to hear from somebody soon.


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