MSSQL 6.5 ODBC, D3, TTables and Optimizer Hints

If you append an optimizer hint to the table name in a TTable:
Vendors (NoLock), it tricks the BDE into building non-locking select
A side affect is that you don't get any index information back, but this is
not a problem if you know the index field names, you can just set them at
run time and be fine.  If you're using SQL Links.  The untold other
problems with SQL Links have forced us to move to ODBC however.  The trick
still works, but when you try to Locate on the TTable, a severe access
violation results which hangs any other app using ODBC at the time.
Presumably this is because it's trying to access information about an index
that it doesn't think exists.  The problem is that we have to have the
index based search capabilities of a TTable, but we simply cannot have them
locking every table in the database.  We're so close on this one, but just
can't get past the problem.  Any suggestions, related problems, or
solutions would be greatly appreciated.
Accountix, Inc.