Shutting down Outlook 2000 in code??

I need to automatically shut down Outlook2000 if it is running when my
backup system starts running each night. The reason is that the
mailbox file cannot be backed up if it is in use and I really want my
600Mb+ email archive to get on the tapes.
So I need a way to shut Outlook down if it is running. I thought of
creating a small Delpi program that can be started just before the
backup starts and which will shut down Outlook. How can I do this?

I have noted that if one closes Outlook manually with a few emails
open then it does not really close, it is only the main window that is
closed. Only after manually closing the last message window does the
'Outlook is shutting down' message appear.
So I need a better way than sending the close message to the Outlook
2000 window.
Any ideas?

Bo Berglund