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DCOM and client server (request for info)


Can anyone indicate where I might find a good source
of information regarding the creation of
3-tiered client server applications (in Delphi (3) of

I've been through some of the Microsoft White papers
on DCOM and some Delphi 3-tiered client server documents
I found on the web. The Delphi articles generally focus on
'projecting' TQuerys and TTables across the network
for use with data aware controls, which is not really
what I'm looking for.

I have been able to create DCOM clients and servers, exchange
information between the two (remotely and locally).
More sophisticated concepts such as Monikers and Marshalling still
elude me.

What I really would like is some examples of implementing
DCOM in Delphi, and also articles discussing some of the issues
which I have identified while considering the possibilities
Things like:
 -should the client applications share (reference the same)
  server object instances if they are looking at the same data
  record, and if so, how one does that ?
 -should the client and the server application each keep copies of
  loaded data ? (ie. issues regarding the trade-off between
    network traffic and memory usage)
 -DCOM server multi-threading issues
 -How best to handle the (apparent) synchronous nature of
  DCOM calls.
 -plus many more.

Has anyone else sucessfully implemented 3-tiered client
server using DCOM Interfaces ?




Re:DCOM and client server (request for info)

I am currently working on a C++/Delphi 3 tier project.

Problemdomain(business logic) is enforced using c++ and is exposed
via a COM interface. The delphi client talks to the COM interface,
making method calls.

If you want to talk about this, email me at

Immanuel Babu
Immanuel Babu
phone: (860) 520 2739

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