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Q: ListBox color


Can I have lines in different color in one listbox ??



Re:Q: ListBox color

someone suggested this to me:

try this

procedure TQueueEntryForm.GridDrawCell(Sender: TObject; Col,
  Row: Longint; Rect: TRect; State: TGridDrawState);

{paint the current cell in the current stringgrid.  Do it by painting a }
{temporary bitmap, and then COPYRECTing it over to the cell.}

  TempMap : TBitMap;
  Temprect : TRect;
  Tempmap := tbitmap.create;
  TempMap.height := (sender as TStringgrid).RowHeights[Col];
  TempMap.width  := (sender as TStringgrid).ColWidths[Col];

  TempRect.left   := 1;
  TempRect.right  := TempMap.width;    := 1;
  TempRect.bottom := TempMap.height;

  {paint the temporary bitmap here}

  (sender as TStringgrid).canvas.copyrect(rect,Tempmap.canvas,Temprect);;

works like a charm.  Okay, it's cheating, but I couldn't think of any other

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Re:Q: ListBox color

Gasolin wrote in message <>...
>Can I have lines in different color in one listbox ??

Sure, a Tlistbox has the property style which could be set to
lbOwnerDrawFixed, that is you have to draw the items yourself. You get a
OnDrawItem event whenever you have to draw an item. For more informatie have
a look at the TCustomListBox.Style entry in the delphi help file


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