Bug or not bug with Required Field ?

I have a table, and I want absolute a required field.

When I APPEND a record, if the field is empty, i receive an error

I don't fill in the field an I want to close the window and then the

I receive then a fatal erro....

How can help me.

What are the solution to append and edit record (with required field)
in real word database ?

I use also always SQL query to use filter on any field i want (I use
also the ORDER CLAUSE).
I can't then use the live request parameter.

How can I do ?
I use now a link table to the query ...

Last question : how are you doing to copy files with DELPHI ?
I want an option in my menu : Backup which would backup my data fields
on a disk or on netword ....

How do you do ?

Tha,ks a lots.


Please reply : xavier.vanvlassel...@ping.be