Searching a Paradox 7 memo field


I am using Delphi 2 and Paradox 7.  I am attempting to use an SQL statement
to search a memo field for a particular string by passing a parameter at
runtime.  I really need the search to be case insensitive and this is where
I am having problems as the SQL 'UPPER' function does not work on a memo

The SQL statement works fine if I omit the UPPER function but is then
strictly case sensitive which is what I am trying to avoid.  The advice
that I have received is that it is not possible to do a case insensitive
search on a Paradox memo field, surely this cannot be true.

Is anyone able to give me any advice as to whether this is able to be
achieved on Paradox 7 tables and how to go about it?  email:

Thanks for any help.

David Johnson