problem with protected text in Richedit, DBRichedit, canvas updates

Has anyone out there experienced this problem?

Delphi 4.02 C/S
Windows 95
Paradox and MS SQL Server

The Problem:

When scrolling through a DBGrid hooked to a DBRichEdit, the contents of
the DBRichedit update automatically as you would expect.  Upon scrolling

into a record in which a memo field contains protected text, the
DBRichEdit "locks" on to this record and will no longer update the
contents as you move from record to record.

How to Recreate:

1.  Place a DBGrid on a form and hook to a table with a Memo field that
contains Rich Text (RTF)

2.  Place a DBRichEdit on the form and hook to the RTF memo field.

3.  Place a DBNavigator on the form, hooke to the same table as above.

4.  Run the program and move from record to record.

5.  Notice that the canvas of the DBRichEdit updates with the correct
RTF display.

6.  Add some protected text to one of the records memo field.  (add a
button and method to to set the RichText.SelAttributes.Protected :=
True, then save the record.)

7.  Scroll into record with protected text.

8.  Scroll to any other record.

9.  Notice that the canvas of the DBRichEdit DOES NOT update with the
correct RTF display.

I hope that I am doing something wrong, but at this point, I cannot
figure out what.  There are no events fired, such as OnProtectChange,

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I can e-mail upon request to anyone who would like the code and a small
Paradox table containing a few records with blobs that have protected

Thank you - Michael Hawk,