Help w/ connecting to Interbase DB via ODBC

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.  I am trying to evaluate
LiveWire and I am having problems connecting to our Interbase database

With the sample dbadmin program, I was able to connect and query my
database.  The settings that I used were:  ODBC, the name of my ODBC
database as it appears in ODBC32's DSN, the username and password
(case-sensitive), and the path to the database (c:\path\path\).

From there I was able to execute a SQL query and obtain the results.

But when I tried to code this info into a sample app, either the app
would not compile or, upon some changes, it would not connect.  The
problem that I suspect is either that the username and password is not
case sensitive, or the path to my database (ending with a backslash) is
causing a problem.  In the dbadmin program, it seems to parse this info
correctly, but to hard code this info seems to {*word*88}.

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks in advance!