Thank you

Hello again.

I guess it was just the tone that did it.
On my previous posts about my inability to use graphics no one seemed to
answer me. I appologize to all those people out there that were offended >;->
but that was the first time that people truly helped me. I am 14 years old
and I did not know graphics and I had know way to learn graphics. I don't
know assembeler, which is essential to fast, useful graphics programming.
Other than posting here and a futile attempt to seek out files that are would
help me, the only method I could have to learn graphics are an endlessly busy
computer teacher in school, a patient wait for colledge to come by, or
spontaneous genius.

I would like to thank all those kind souls who helped me, and I hope I
redeemed myself in the eyes of those who sent me hate-mail. Allthough it was
fun to get it, there was really no reason to send it.

Thanx again!

Calvinicus Ashmore