Problem querying a linked SQL Server through ADO

I have one SQL Server Database (dbA) which links to another (dbB).  This
link works just fine with query analyzer.  However I am having a problem
utilizing this link from a delphi program.  I create an ADO connection to
dbA and then create a query which pulls data from dbB in the form

select * from [ServerName].[dbB].[user].[tablename]

This query works perfectly in query analyzer.  I can connect to dbA and run
this query and get my results from dbB.  However, when I activate the query
in delphi (at design or runtime) I get the error:

Access violation at address XXXXXXXX in module 'MSVCRT.DLL'.  Read of

Then I figured maybe ADO was having a problem interpreting the link so I
created a simple stored procedure on dbA which executed the same statement.
This was all my delphi program would have to do is call a stored procedure
which would return the results.  This method yielded the same error.  Can
anyone tell me why querying my linked server is giving me this error?