Oracle Objects for OLE and Delphi

Has anyone had success using Oracle Objects for OLE with Delphi?  I've
used them with Visual Basic
successfully, but haven't quite figured out how to use them with
Delphi.  I can create the OraSession
object easy enough, but I can't create the database or dynaset object.
Specifically, I don't know how to
set the OraDatabase object to the return of the OraSession method
"OpenDatabase".  The error I get is
[OraDatabase] "is not an automation object".

  OraSession: Variant;
  OraDatabase: Variant;
  OraDynaset : Variant;
  OraSession := CreateOleObject('OracleInProcServer.XOraSession');
  OraDatabase := OraSession.OpenDatabase('MyDB', 'name/password',0);
  OraDynaset := OraDatabase.CreateDynaset('select * from MyTable');

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!
Frank Salinas