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Delphi 2.0, Access ODBC & Memo field

I am currently having problems with 700 record dataset.  The
dataset is kept in an Access 2.0 MDB file and is accessed
through ODBC on a Windows NT 3.51 machine.  I have tried both
the 2.1 and 2.5 drivers of ODBC.

Here is what happens:

The memo field truncates the first 2 characters in the memo
field. On top of that, if you move to the end of the dataset
then return to the first record and then move to the second
record, you receive an EDBEnginError "Invalid Blob handle in
record buffer".  

What fun, thanks in advance.

Mitch Baker


Re:Delphi 2.0, Access ODBC & Memo field

I have the 3.0 drivers and am having trouble accessing the data aware TDBMemos
from our MS SQL a previous posting, I told how Borland said this
was a KNOWN problem and was working on it...this may be the same problem you
are having..if so let's get together and bug the hell out of them to get a fix
in...there is no excuse for this...well, ok, I guess we are out on the fringe
using MS SQL and Access...maybe they just didn't think enough people use these
and the problem wouldn't show up...


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