An award winning Windows Help authoring tool for only $25? NO WAY...

Announcing Help Maker Plus(tm) for Word 6.0/7.0 v4.5b--
Winner of PC Talk's Commercial Shareware Competitor of the Year!!!

Windows help file authoring is now as easy as point and click!
And now it's also dirt cheap--at only $25, you can now afford
a help authoring tool!

Download the program for FREE at
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Here are the details...

        If you have a Windows progam that you want to look professional, a
help file is a must!  But to make them from scratch requires you to to
master complex RTF code sequences, help .PRJ file format, and the
microsoft help compiler...and even after all that it's often a matter of
trial and error just to get one to look half decent!

        But not any more!  Anyone who can use Microsoft Word can now make
their own Help files with Help Maker Plus (tm)!  In seconds you'll be
creating topics, pop-ups, jump destinations, fixed regions, incorporating
multimedia movies, sounds, and running other programs from your Help
File--all with the ease of pointing and clicking!  Help Maker Plus (tm)
handles all of the hard stuff for you--you can even compile without ever
leaving Word!   Also, Help Maker Plus (tm) includes the latest and
greatest version of the Microsoft Help Compiler and comes with extensive
documentation that will answer any questions you might have concerning
help files in general and decrypting Microsoft compiler error codes.

        Help Maker Plus (tm) is shareware and is only $25!  I've seen
similar packages advertised for $300+--This is a steal!  Information for
registering is included in the program.


        -Create 4 different types of topics and hyper-text jumps:
                2)pop-up windows
                3)secondary windows
                4)simple jump destination

        -Topic features:
                a)automatic generation of keyword searches (if chosen)
                b)automatic generation of browser sequences (if chosen)
                c)automatic generation of context sensitive help id's (if
                d)automatic index of topics creation (if chosen)
                e)automatic creation of topic titles as fixed regions (if
                f)automatic generation of a sound upon entry to a topic
                (to simulate page turning sound, etc.) (if chosen)
        -Jump features:
                a)jump to destinations in help project or in an external
                help project
        -Create fixed regions
        -Embed pictures (*.bmp;*.mrb;*.wmf;*.shg files)
                a)Alignment:Normal, left margin or right margin
        -Create hyper-text jumps to sounds (.wav files)
        -Create hyper-text jumps to movies (.avi files)
        -Create hyper-text jumps to programs (.exe;.com;.bat; etc. files)
        -Create hot-spot graphics
        -Create a user manual from your help project
        -Create multiple resolution bitmaps
        -Compile and view your help file without every leaving Word
        -Customize the help window size
        -Create compressed help files for greater space savings
        -Create buttons that actually move when they get 'pressed'
        -Create links to the internet
                a)http (World Wide Web)
        -Create 16 or 32 bit help files
        -Create customized background colors and fixed region colors

          This program requires Word 6.0/7.0 and runs on the regular and
professional versions of Office, as well as on Windows 3.1, 3.11 and
Windows 95.  It has not been tested on either the network versions of Word
or Windows. It was uploaded by the author.

Please see http:\\\ILuvPasta7\helpmaker for the latest
version of Help Maker Plus (tm).

You can contact the author at:ILuvPas...@AOL.COM

Equipment requirement:minimum 386

Needs: Word for Windows v6.0 or 7.0

Ian Ippolito (author of Help Maker Plus (tm)--