ADO+ACCESS+ISAPI DLL: New record availability


My ISAPI DLL is accessing Access via ADO. I'm having intermittent problems with
records not being available seconds and even minutes after they have been
posted. Is there a surefire way of ensuring immediate access of appended
records (bearing in mind the write may be in one webmodule instantiation and
the read in another)? The records in question have a primary key and are never
edited once posted.

Also, I wonder if anyone would like to discuss how the following might affect
this problem and other Delphi ISAPI/ADO issues:

-> TADOCOnnection.IsolationLevel
-> TADOCOnnection.CursorLocation
-> TADOCOnnection.Mode
-> Multiple TWebModule instantiations (as side-effect of ISAPI DLL's)
-> Opening tables in TWebModule.onCreate and closing them in onDestroy (as
opposed to opening and closing as required)
-> Anything else that's relevant here
-> Forcing posts to "commit"(???)


Julian Brewer.