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dgMultiselect and Filtered


DBGrid question. Is it Ok to post here?

System Delphi 5, InfoPower 2000.20

I am using a TwwDBGrid with dgMultiselect true.
Datasource is a TOraclewwDataset that has Filtered true.

So the user can filter which records are shown in the grid. The user can
also select rows to be processed. However, when the filter change, there may
be records selected that are not shown.
Example: the set the filter so 5 rows are shown and selects two of these.
Now he changes the filter so three other rows are shown, none of the first
five included. Now the selectedlist still contains the two selected rows.(It
seems though taht it cant process them since it cannot find the bookmark).

I would like to have the selectedlist to contain only rows that are
currently shown (is in the current filter). Any options I can set to achive
this or will I have to code it?

Peter Laursen


Re:dgMultiselect and Filtered

Peter Laursen wrote:
> DBGrid question. Is it Ok to post here?

        A TDBGrid question is OK here, but a TwwDBGrid question is more likely
to be answered correctly on the InfoPower newsgroups, which you can
reach via

        The IP newsgroups are very active and you can expect a quick answer to
your question.


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