Creating Calculated Fields at Runtime


1) I have a database table which contains a DateTime Field.
2) I have a Query of TQuery which performs an adhoc query on this database
and includes the above DateTime field.
3) The Execution of this query then populates a data-ware TDbGrid component.

1) I need to split this DateTime Field into a distinct Time and Date field
and show these columns within my TDbGRID
control component.

2) I've tried to create calculated fields using persistent fields, but you
cannot mix and match these persistent and non-persistent,
dynamic  fields from the resultant TDataSet derived from my adhoc query.


1) Is there anyway to do this without touching the query on the SQL Side
(MSSQL 7.0)? Note: I need to accomplish this programmatically.

 2) If 1 is not achievable, does anyone know the SQL to perform this. I've
looked into it but could not find a SQL 7.0 function
to split the Time and Date from a DateTime column.


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