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Using TUtility functions in DLLs -> Problem

Hi experts,

I tried to build a DLL that uses all TUtility functions so I can test
all database tables in a row. Different apps shall use this DLL. But
this doesn't work. Running my application from Delphi IDE using the DLL
causes an access error after terminating the Programm which uses the
I found out that it only needs to call the TUtility function
"TUInit(hSes)"  (and an additional TUExit call without any other
TUtility function call) to get this error.
Using this functions from within an EXE works fine. I can't understand
why. But doublicating all database testing rountines is not ok. Using a
single DLL is. So who can help.



Re:Using TUtility functions in DLLs -> Problem

One solution is to use an EXE which is a COM server and call it from all of
your other apps.

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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