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D3 Access 97 DAO 3.5 Table rewind problem

I have an application written in D3
Uses the DAO 3.5 drivers

When I allow an individual record to be edited in the Access data base, and
then in a next reporting phase ask for Table1.First and do a serial scan of
the data table, it does not seem to go back to the first record, but starts
at the last record edited.

After editing some records, need a to know how to get back to the beginning
of the table, so that this data table scan and export can look at every
record in the data table.  In a Paradox table this always works, what am I

CJ Hart
Rocky Mountain Technology Group, LLC


Re:D3 Access 97 DAO 3.5 Table rewind problem

Hi Christofer.
Check if the opened Access table have the primary key and is ordered by it.
Seems me that the order is different and therefore the change of the field
that is part
of order expression will change the records order in your case.
Best regards,
Duchovny Vadim,
Software Engineer,
Baran Project Construction LTD,
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