I'm working on a big project for 8 months, and till this morming, I
cannot run my program from Delphi anymore (with break points or step by
step). It's possible from other stations but not from mine. But, I can
run my program directly from Windows and it works fine. The error occurs
when I execute the line :


where DB is a TDatabase component. If I try with other old released
projects, the same error occurs at the same point (when I try to connect
the database).

The error returned is not an exception. This is a GPF from Delphi
itself. I don't understand. The exact error message is :

access violation at 0x4be42b91
read of adress 0xfff12b70
83 3A 00 74 63 E8 39 10 00 00 64 8B

Thank you for your help. it's very urgent. I'm working on Delphi 3.02
under Windows NT 4.0 (Pack 3).

 Frederic JUGE
"There's nothing to try, You do it or you don't !" Yoda.