repost: ApplyUpdates prob.

Per the request of one of the TeamB members, I am reposting my question hopes of a reply (sorry for anyone that has read this a few
times... I was asked to do so this time):

What could/would cause the BDE (D3/6,BDE,Paradox)to not permanently commit
data to the tables even after either the Database.ApplyUpdates() method is
called, or the ttable/tquery.ApplyUpdates() & CommitUpdates() methods are
called?  As long as the program shuts down correctly... everything works
fine (and has for 2 years now)... but if the program can/may
be lost...  Is there a fix for this? Or is it still a bug even after a few
years? (used to be you had to close/open a query to refresh it too... not
sure if that's the case still in D6/BDE/Paradox).  I use cached updates.


David Beyer