NT is much slower than 95 with Paradox BDE, Delphi 2.01

Using Delphi 2.01, Paradox tables (not SQL, or Queries), and BDE 3.02:

Multiuser access to the same table is dramatically slower under NT than
Win95.  If each user has their own copy of the table in a separate
directory, the speed is fine on NT.  When I open a small table (about
100 records) and add about ten records the speed linearly decreases
after the first user.  Each record is about 20 fields with a total size
of about 500 bytes.  With one user, the speed is < 1 second.  Each user
concurrently saving records adds about two seconds to the transaction
time.  The server is running NT server 4.0 with 64 Megs, 166MHz.

The speed is fine (< 1 second) when Win95 is running on each terminal
(as opposed to NT Workstation) using the same server.  This would seem
to rule out hardware/networking configuration.  The problem seems to lie
in Paradox/BDE handling of LCK files with NT.

Any clues?  Does BDE 3.5 address this?