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FormatDateTime question

I'm writing to use the FormatDateTime function.  I have a procedure that
does archiving of some data and after the archiving process I want to make a
note of how long the procedure has taken. I've tried the code below where
both FEndTime and FStartTime are of TDateTime and s is a string:

s:=FormatDateTime('Time to Complete Archive hh:ss',(FEndTime-FStartTime));

The formatDateTime returns:
12:00 AMi1299 12:00 AMo 30/12/99o12pl9912:00 AM99 Ar30/12/990iv99 hh:ss

How come?  What is the correct synatax?

Bill N


Re:FormatDateTime question



> How come?  What is the correct synatax?

I don't know, since this is no Delphi Newsgroup but seems like a Delphi
question for me...

=> please post this one in a Delphi NG (one with delphi in its name) or
apologize my writings if this is really a Turbo/Borland Pascal question.



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