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Data Provider sent back an E_Fail state

Hi, I am reading a dBase 5.0 table using Microsoft OLE DB 4.0, setting
Extended Properties="dBase 5.0".
It works OK on NT, but when I try to run it on Windows 98 or Windows 2000 I
get the message:
"The data provider or other service sent back an E_Fail state" (in spanish
in the original, I am doing a translation).

Any idea of what this message means? I am using MDAC 2.5, Delphi 5
Enterprise, original ADOExpress (no patch).

Thanks in advance,

Sergio Sansosti
baco Informtica


Re:Data Provider sent back an E_Fail state

The message, in english is:
"The Data provider or other services returned an E-Fail status", and I feel
that it is raised when
I try to empty a dataset (a TADOTable connected to an Access 2000 table,
nothing to do with the dBase table I am importing from)

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